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Welcome to IKR

The IKR Rt. with its more than 30 years history is the determinant participant of the Hungarian agriculture. Our company is a developing, servicing and commercial company that flexibly accommodates to the market conditions and is a certain help for our partners from the crop production to the market sales. The IKR Rt. is one of the biggest company dealing with agricultural production and trading, technological development, agricultural machinery equipment trade and technical services having a dealer network that covers the whole country. We welcome our partners in 17 regional and 10 agrochemical centres.

We organize and integrate crop production in the whole country on hundred thousand hectares. Our well-trained experts are able to adapt the variety, technique and technology for our partners that best suit the local demands. The substance of the real integration is contractual crop production that is based on the complex activity of the IKR Rt. Our high quality background activity ensures the safety of crop production that worth contracting.

The relationship with our partners is determined by our consistent business policy where the customer is in the absolute centre. To keep our partners well informed we regularly organize field demonstrations and customer meetings. Our best known program is the yearly organized Bábolna International Farm Expo.

We can say that the IKR Rt. is not simply an integrator but a partner that makes a real bridge between science and practice.

Attila J. Szaxon
(CEO Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director)

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