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In 1983, Anders Ragnarsson came to the US from Sweden and started a land clearing business that specialized in hard-to-handle jobs. While clearing land was the primary service provided by his company, Anders realized that wood and even waste wood cleared from a site could be converted to salable products such as mulch and biofuel. But to make the conversion worthwhile, he needed a rugged and efficient breed of grinding equipment not yet available.

So in 1988, Anders founded Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. (CBI) and worked for the next two years to engineer the most durable and efficient wood grinder on the market. This started with the design of the CBI Grizzly Mill with its patented, extremely rugged offset-helix rotor that uses kinetic energy in order to consume less power while aggressively outperforming anything on the market in terms of throughput. This technology became the basis for product lines like Grizzly Mill® wood waste hogs, Magnum Force® horizontal grinders and chippers and Annihilator primary shredders.

In addition to portable machines, in the past 25 years, CBI has designed and installed hundreds of purpose-built stationary machines and systems for customers all over the world. From outdoor plants for mulch and fuel production to entire processing systems turning C&D and MSW into recyclables and RDF. This includes comprehensive systems featuring combinations of slow speed primary shredders, screeners, conveyors, picking stations, magnetic separators, water tanks, and secondary and tertiary grinders to assure specific product size. Our superior equipment, engineering and experience ensure the success of these installations.

Today, CBI is positioned as an industry leader and is poised to revolutionize the way we utilize our Global resources and Fuel the Future™.

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