Dancover Storage Tent 5,5x15x4,1x5,3m PVC, Bådtelt eladó - Dánia

Nettó ár
1 414 233 HUF
3 957 EUR
Nettó ár
1 414 233 HUF
3 957 EUR
Márka / modellDancover Storage Tent 5,5x15x4,1x5,3m PVC, Bådtelt
Gyártási év2017
Mascus ID62D4060F
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Nettó ár1 414 233 HUF  (3 957 EUR)
ÁFA (25%)353 558 HUF
Bruttó ár1 767 791 HUF  (4 946 EUR)
Width: 5,50 m.
Length: 15,00 m.
Side height: 4,10 m.
Ridge height: 5,30 m.
Door Size (W x H): 3,4x3,7 m.
Roof cover: Strong PVC 600 g/m²
Sidewalls: Strong PVC 600 g/m²
Frame: Hot-dip galvanised steel
Tubes / fittings: 76x2 mm + 60x1.5 mm
Colour: White
Fire safety: BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate
UV-resistant: UV-resistant
Water resistance: 100% Waterproof
Weight: 1232 kg.

Box dimensions:
Box 1: 73.0 x 105.0 x 292.0 cm.
Box 2: 68.0 x 75.0 x 107.0 cm.
Included: Stake pegs

- Sturdy and strong boat shelter for secure storage
- Large doors secure easy access
- Construction secures a room for working on the boat
- Sturdy and durable quality for both frame and cover
- Construction provides air circulation
- Cover is waterproof and UV-resistant
- Rip stop-function will limit damage in the event of accident

Boat shelters from Dancover are designed and made to store sailboats, motor boats, campers and caravans in many different sizes. The well thought out details and great functionality make the OceanCover boat shelters perfect for storing boats while on land, or various vehicles when not in use for a short or long period. The boat or the car will be perfectly protected from the rain, snow, sun or wind, and due to the spaciousness of the storage tent, you will have room to work on the boat and at the same time be sheltered while working.

It means that preparing for the upcoming season will be easy without having to worry about the weather. Another benefit of storing your boat in an OceanCover boat shelter is that you do not need to worry about the bird droppings on the boat that one usually has to deal with in and around the harbour.

Boat shelters from Dancover have a frame that is bolted together with heavy bolts and stabilised with heavy purlins and wind stabilisers. This provides maximum strength to the whole structure, which has large square steel footplates, and provides a sturdy foundation on the ground. Boat shelters are made with a strong steel frame and are constructed with tubes built to last a long time due to the sturdy and galvanised steel tubes. You assemble the frame in advance or directly around the boat. It is important to secure the OceanCover boat shelter with the included ground pegs so it is safe in case of a powerful wind. Furthermore, the cover has a dirt skirt of approximately 1 m, which must be dug into the ground if possible or secured differently. The cover is flame-retardant. However, under no circumstance should open fire or other sources of ignition come near the shelter. If the boat shelter is to be placed on a hard surface like concrete, you can secure the boat shelter with expansion bolts.

Boat shelters are equipped with two manually operated pulley doors made of the same material as the cover. These two doors help opening up the shelter completely when needed and provide an easy access to the boat shelter when you want to work on the boat. The OceanCover boat shelter is made to secure air circulation, which will prevent condensation inside the shelter. The PVC cover has a 3-layer construction with an outer coating to prevent dirt build-up and to make cleaning easy. The built-in ripstop construction will prevent the tarpaulin from tearing in the event of an accident. The cover is UV-resistant, which is secure and very durable.

Please note that the pictures serve as a guide. The numbers of zips on the door of the boat shelter may vary. It will not though affect the easy access or anything else.

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      Kérjük említse meg az eladónak hogy a hirdetést a Mascus oldalon találta.
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A Mascus Magyarország kínálata Dancover Storage Tent 5,5x15x4,1x5,3m PVC, Bådtelt egyebek. Ennek a Dancover Storage Tent 5,5x15x4,1x5,3m PVC, Bådtelt az ára 1 414 233 Ft és a gyártási éve 2017. Az eszköz értékesítési helye, - Dánia. A Mascus.hu oldalon talál Dancover Storage Tent 5,5x15x4,1x5,3m PVC, Bådtelt eszközöket és egyéb egyebek modellt.