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TermékcsaládGémek és dipperek
Márka / modellMantis 20010
Gyártási év2009
TelephelyTulsa, Oklahoma
Mascus ID7C9AFC8E
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Egyéb információDescription: Boom: 4 full powered sections, 42’retracted to 128’fully ext.Boom Ext: 35’lattice type swingaway
2009 Mantis 20010, 100 ton capacity rough terrain hydraulic telescopic boom crawler crane equipped with the following:

Boom Extension: 35’ (10.67 m) lattice type swingaway, stores alongside of the boom base section and used with or without the optional 25’ (7.62 m) jib. Head contains two 22” (559 mm) diameter high strength cast nylon sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings, reeving up to 2 parts of wire rope, with optional extension deployed maximum tip heights is 172’ (52.43 m).
Boom Jib: 25’ (7.62 m) lattice type swingaway, attaches to and stores alongside the extension and can only be used with the extension deployed. Offsets are at 15 degree & 30 degree; with optional jib and extension deployed maximum tip height is 196’ 6” (59.89 m).
Auxiliary Nose Sheave: Quick reeve, single 22” (559 mm) diameter high-strength, cast nylon sheave mounted on a heavy-duty roller bearing boom tip adapter.
Headache Ball: 12 ton (11 mt) ball includes a swivel hook with safety latch.
Hook Block: 100 ton (91 mt) hook block consists of five 20” (508 mm) diameter sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings with a swivel hook and safety latch.

Boom: Four (4) full powered sections, 42’ (12.80 m) retracted to 128’ (39.01 m) fully extended. Maximum tip height is 137’ (41.76 m).
Boom Telescoping & Elevating Systems: Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders and counterbalance lock valves. The elevating system features a cylinder and counterbalance lock valve which provide boom elevations from -1 degree to 80 degree.
Boom Head: Seven 22” (559 mm) diameter, cast nylon sheaves on heavy-duty roller bearings are mounted in the boom head.
Load Movement Indicator & Anti-Two Block1: Standard Rated Capacity Limiter and Anti-Two Block system with audio-visual warning and control function shutdown. System’s LCD screen provides a continuous electronic display of working boom length, boom angle, working load radius, tip height, parts-of-line (operator set), machine configuration, relative load moment, maximum permissible load and actual load. The standard Work Area Definition system allows the operator to pre-set and define working areas. Should pre-set limits be approached, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding job-site obstructions. The anti-two block weight allows quick reeving of hook blocks.
Frame: All-steel, welded structure, precision machined to accept attachment of the boom and swing components.
Operator’s Cab: Fully-enclosed, air conditioned all-steel modular cab tilts up to 20 degree and includes a lockable swinging door, acoustical lining, anti-slip floor and tinted safety glass. Sliding windows are located in the cab door and cab boom side. A vent window is positioned in the rear of the cab. Grab bars and steps are appropriately located for easy access to the cab. Erectable swing barricades are attached to the superstructure. Rear view cameras are appropriately located as are work lights. Standard cab accessories include a two-speed windshield wiper, top glass wiper, defroster, air conditioner, heater, circulating fan, adjustable hand and foot throttles, six-way adjustable fabric seat with headrest, seat belt, dome light, and a dry-chemical fire extinguisher.
Instrumentation: Dash instrumentation features a tachometer, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, hour meter and fuel gauge. Indicators are provided for crane level, load moment, drum rotation, air filter restriction, hydraulic oil temperature and filter restriction, engine oil pressure and temperature. A termination switch is located in the seat and armrest and is capable of immediately disabling all hydraulic functions as the operator rises from the seat or it can be activated by lifting the left hand armrest.
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A Mascus Magyarország kínálata Mantis 20010 gémek és dipperek. Ennek a Mantis 20010 az ára - és a gyártási éve 2009. Az eszköz értékesítési helye, Tulsa, Oklahoma Egyesült Államok. A oldalon talál Mantis 20010 eszközöket és egyéb gémek és dipperek modellt. Termék leírás - Raktári száma: CALL FOR AVAILABILIT, Szériaszám: 200-115