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Nettó ár
5 246 749 HUF
61 179 PLN
Nettó ár
5 246 749 HUF
61 179 PLN


Márka / modellvst mt270 4x4 24km (27km) + sb 125 tiller
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Nettó ár5 246 749 HUF  (61 179 PLN)
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Traktor típusMezőgazdasági Traktor
Motorteljesítmény17,7 kW (24 lóerő)
Raktári számaVST_MT270+SB125
Össztömeg1 130 kg
Első kerékabroncs mérete6-12 / 8,3-20
Egyéb információVST MT270 It is a mini tractor model that combines multi-tasking, durability and compactness. It will work equally well on farms, livestock or plantations as well as in municipal services and logistics. It will also be a significant support while working in green architecture. The VST MT270 has a 4v4 drive that allows it to accelerate to 22 km / h. It owes such performance to a 4-cylinder 24HP diesel engine (27HP possible after a slight modification). It burns 205 gm / hp-hr and is liquid-cooled. Thanks to this power and the three-point linkage , the mini tractor is able to work with many agricultural machines and devices driven by the tractor 's PTO / PTO shaft.
All this power with a weight of only 850 kg
and dimensions:
Width 1130 mm, Height 1250 mm, Length 2565 mm. A mini tractor for every terrain The VST MT270 mini tractor is not afraid of difficult terrain conditions. The wheelbase of 1,430 mm , combined with a ground clearance of 267 mm , guarantee comfortable travel over the most uneven surfaces, without the risk of the machine freezing or damaging the chassis. In addition, the manual transmission affects the increased control of the machine by the driver, and the drum brakes with a handbrake will allow you to stop the machine effectively at any time. The mounted hydraulic system is also helpful, i.e. a single-section distributor with a lever, which facilitates the operation of the tractor by the driver. Thanks to this, the mini-tractor easily overcomes most terrain obstacles and unfavorable surfaces, even with attached machines and a load.
Driver's convenience even in the compact version VST MT270 also cares about the safety and comfort of the driver . A set of lights and mirrors help the driver to move efficiently and safely on the road, as well as at work in the evening hours. For additional protection of the operator against accidents, the seat has a seat belt, and the mini tractor itself is equipped with a set of warning lights.
Additional equipment and fittings

The SB125 separating cultivator is a cultivator with a working width of 1150 mm, attached to a Cat I 3-point hitch and is mainly used for soil preparation before sowing. The device is driven by the 045B-LE100 PTO / PTO shaft of the tractor through an angular gearbox , and the working element is the knives placed on the axle shaft , which is driven by a chain . The characteristic feature and main advantage of the SB125 separating tiller is the separation of stones from the soil. The knives placed on the shaft rotate in the opposite direction to the tractor driving direction, throwing out heavier elements and stones, which stop on the vertical teeth at the beginning of the tiller housing. In this way, heavier elements and stones are buried by the treated soil, which is gently kneaded and smoothed by the string roller
at the end of the machine. Some important information about the SB125
chiller below:
Weight: 311 kg 3-point hitch, 3-point linkage CAT I
Recommended tractor power: 25-30 HP Recommended PTO shaft: model 045B-LE 1000 mm with a shear wedge String roller: 1320 mm Number of knives: 24 pcs. NG-SBL model Recommended PTO / PTO revolutions: 540 br / min
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A Mascus Magyarország kínálata [Other] vst mt270 4x4 24km (27km) + sb 125 tiller traktorok. Ennek a [Other] vst mt270 4x4 24km (27km) + sb 125 tiller az ára 5 246 749 Ft és a gyártási éve -. Az eszköz értékesítési helye, - Lengyelország. A Mascus.hu oldalon talál [Other] vst mt270 4x4 24km (27km) + sb 125 tiller eszközöket és egyéb traktorok modellt. Termék leírás - Traktor típus: Mezőgazdasági Traktor, Motorteljesítmény: 17,7 kW (24 lóerő), Váltó: Mechanical, Raktári száma: VST_MT270+SB125, Össztömeg: 1 130 kg, Első kerékabroncs mérete: 6-12 / 8,3-20