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Billenő teherautók
Márka / modell
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2548
Km óra állása:
854 287 km
Mascus ID


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Raktári száma
Károsanyag kibocsátási osztály
350 kW (476 lóerő)
Motor hengerűrtartalma
12 810 cm3
Max. hasznos teher
14 580 kg
26 000 kg
Egyéb információ
NO TRAILER! A1A front axle with air suspension A1D front axle 8.0 t A1Z front axle, offset version A2E rear axle, ring gear 440, hypoid, 13.0 t A4Z trailing axle, 7.5 t, relievable, liftable A5C axle ratio i = 2.733 B1B Electronic braking system with ABS and ASR B2A disc brake, on VA and RA B3H secondary water retarder C0Z frame overhang 1950 mm C2P wheelbase 4600 mm D0A leather steering wheel D0B interior concept Home Line D0S compressed air connection, in the driver's cab D1C driver's suspension seat, comfort D1N passenger functional seat D2N seat back, release, driver's seat D2W armrests, both sides, passenger seat D3A comfort bed, top, wide, levelable D3B comfort bed, bottom D3Q seat cover, velor D4T curtain, across the bed(s) D4Z sun blind, side, driver and passenger side D5B ambient lighting D6G automatic climate control D6I residual heat utilization D6M hot water auxiliary heater, cab D8M electric sliding/tilting roof, glass version E4W traction aid, speed limit 30 km/h F0T Mercedes star, illuminated F0X mirror cover, road vehicle F1E L-cab StreamSpace, 2.30 m, tunnel 170 mm F5L external sun visor, transparent F5Y A-pillar trim F6C tinted windscreen F6I front mirror, heated F6R air horns, cab roof F8E locking system, with central locking F8F comfort locking system G0U driving program economy G2E gearbox G 281-12/14.93-1.0 G5A single plate clutch G5G Mercedes PowerShift 3 I2H tires tubeless, 315/80 R 22.5 HA I2P tires tubeless, 385/65 R 22.5 VA/VLA/NLA I4C wheel formula 6x2 ENA I5E 25.0 ton truck I6X air suspension, rear axle J1E instrument cluster, 12.7 cm, with additional displays J1R tachograph digital, EG, speed, ADR J1S tachograph manufacturer VDO J2D radio/navigation system Bluetooth, comfort J2K speakers, 2-way system J3K FleetBoard contract from version 07/11 is available J3M FleetBoard inside, vehicle calculator with price J3Z axle load measuring device J9A Preparation for CB radio, 12 V, DIN slot J9C FleetBoard preparation for J3D J9D Preparation for toll collection K0T main tank, left K1P tank 630 l, left, 650 x 700 x 1600 mm, aluminum K3W AdBlue tank 75 l, left K7B exhaust system, outlet at the bottom, fanned to the right K7P exhaust system, two-part console K8B on-board diagnostics, exhaust gas with NOx control L1I fog lights, LED daytime running lights L9A Preparation for all-round beacons M0C lower shell, against dust swirling M0E torque increase, in 12th gear M0S noise encapsulation, according to ECE M3C engine OM471, R6, 12.8 l, 350 kW (476 HP), 2300 Nm M5U engine brake, standard system M5Z engine version Euro VI M6L air compressor, 2 cylinders M7I insect screen, in front of the cooling system M7K radiator shutter N2E NA MB 131-2c, pump N6Z transmission oil cooling O0B Coolant service interval long for SWR Q3Y frame lowering, without bellows residual pressure control Q7F trailer hitch comfort, D40, Rockinger Q8F hand lever, top, for trailer hitch R1Q steep shoulder rims 9.00 x 22.5 R1T steep shoulder rims 11.75 x 22.5, stainless steel R1Z steep shoulder rims 11.75 x 22.5, NLA S1D Stability Control Assistant (ESP) S5Z cruise control W3R weight variant 26.5 t (7.5/11.5/7.5) Y1X refrigerator, in drawer, under bed Permissible total weight: 26,000kg Curb weight: 11,420kg Payload: 14,580kg Load space dimensions: L 7,120mm W 2,470mm H 800mm More information in e-mail or telephone. Identifying number: LA1523 Mutasson többet

Snoopy Truck Kft

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